The Altiplano

Higher than many peaks in the Rockies, the Altiplano or high plain, is a region of South America significant for it’s windswept barren landscapes and active volcanoes. It’s an area of otherworldly beauty; where vast salt lakes reflect dramatic clouds, snow storms shroud deserts and the shining moon rises directly across from the setting sun.

Yet while trees and plants struggle to grow, many people live and work in these harsh conditions, carving a living out of the land and selling hand crafted goods to locals and tourists. These photographs document the everyday lives of Bolivians living at Altitude.


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Home Sweet Home

On the sprawling Ferrier estate in South-East London, a lone light shines in a tower block. The light comes from the home of one of the last remaining residents, an elderly woman living with her daughter on the seventh floor of a block due for demolition in the coming months. Forced to negotiate unlit stairways and quiet streets, the family wait anxiously to be re-housed. 

Over a period of approximately eight years Greenwich Council rehoused the Ferrier Estates 6000 residents to make way for its demolition, as part of a controversial plan to regenerate the area. These photographs document the last few years for the remaining residents as their numbers dropped and they were left living amongst derelict buildings, boarded up homes and redundant facilities.


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Wormwood Scrubs

Built in 1874, HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs is a maximum security, male prison in North-West London. Once condemned as a 'penal dustbin' by its then governor, it is a prison suffering from understaffing, overcrowding and gang violence.

Commissioned by Hackney Council, these photographs were taken over the course of a day spent in Wormwood Scrubs.


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Tranny Shack

These photographs were taken at two of London's most established cross-dressing and transgender clubs; Tranny Shack and The Way Out Club. They document the personal moments behind the scenes, and also the public performative expression of transgender identity.


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Favela Lives

These photographs were taken in and around favelas in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Most specifically in Favela Pereira da Silva, home to Morrinho (little mountain) which was created fifteen years ago by a young boy Nelcilan. Built from unwanted bricks and lego, Morrinho was modelled on Nelcilan's own experience of the difficulties of Favela life. Morrinho has now gained international recognition as a cultural and social art project.


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